Sharpco Hotels Welcomes New Sales Manager Elaine Sparks

Sharpco Hotels Group welcomes new Sales Manager

Sharpco Hotels Group welcomes new Sales Manager Elaine Sparks to its team. Elaine comes with 27 years of experience. Now she’s come full circle to work with several properties, including the Best Western where she began her career in the hotel industry.

Sharpco Hotels Group Owner Jay Sharplin said he’s excited to bring a new face on board.

“We’ve worked in competition with one another since Elaine’s first days at Best Western,” said Sharplin. “But we’ve remained friends and the timing was perfect when I knew she was available to come and work for us again. She has more experience than anyone else in our market.”

Elaine will work to let people know what the company has to offer including four different brands, competitive prices, and great amenities.

“Each property has its own personality,” she said. “I love welcoming people when they come to stay with us. It’s never the same day in the hospitality industry.”

Elaine is a Natchitoches native. She is married to John Sparks and they have three daughters, three grandchildren and one great grandson. They are members of the New Life Evangelism Center.

“I love Natchitoches,” she said. “The history in itself is something you can be proud of. At Sharpco Hotels Group we’re all about good customer service and our renowned Southern hospitality.”

Sharplin said he’s excited about the company’s overall success. They witnessed a jump in occupancy in 2018 and 2019 already started off better than 2018.

“We hope to build off this success with the staff we have, including Elaine,” he said. “she brings a wide knowledge of the market to our team and is well respected.”

Sharpco Hotels Group’s Natchitoches properties include the local Best Western, Days Inn, Comfort Inn Suites, and Holiday Inn Express. To contact Elaine email or call our sales office at 318-352-7532.